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R&D and Cro

Wound Management needs dressings that perform different actions, from keeping a moist environment to providing a barrier for external agents, from controlling minor bleedings to enhancing the healing process. The healing of wounds with the use of advanced dressings – and the control of minor bleedings – have always been the primary objective of Euroresearch. This is achieved through the use of collagen from equine origin, declined in different presentation. Starting from these premises, thank to its extraction process which allows to keep the substance biologically similar to the native one, Euroresearch has been developing a series of new advanced wound dressings with a broad performance spectrum that can contribute not only to a clinically effective but also to a cost effective wound treatment. Euroresearch promotes new development based on its experience or starting from Customer’s needs in order to reply to patients and market expectations taking profit from several cooperation with international Universities, Research Centers and European Institutions.

RRAA (Regulatory)

During these years, Euroresearch has established an internal service of Regulatory Affairs which provides all the activities referred to EC certification and international registration, including US FDA. This service is also offered to our Customer in outsourcing in order to grant a comprehensive support starting from dressing design, industrial development and registration.

New devices

EURORESEARCH offers a wide range of clinically proven and cost-effective, high technology medical therapies, designed to deliver positive clinical outcomes for patients and healthcare professionals. Our products appropriately meet the therapeutic choices of Physicians and are designed to answer to end user’s self-medications preferences. EURORESEARCH is always looking for innovative approaches to wound management and dedicates significant resources to “turn key” technological solution. In this view, we are member of the consortium in SWAN-iCare, an EU-funded initiative to bring multidisciplinary European research teams together to deliver a next generation integrated autonomous solution for monitoring and adapting personalized therapy of foot and leg ulcers. We have a strong new product pipeline for the mid-term, with many innovations scheduled, in particular in Joint Repair, Trauma, Aesthetic and Advanced Wound Management. These new products, and many more currently in development, are a result of our focus on R&D.