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Wound care division

BIOPAD® is an active dressing, playing an active role in all stages of wound healing process, stimulating granulation tissue growth and enhancing regeneration tissues.

Nithya aesthetic division
The company

Euroresearch is a company of DySyn Group, a group acting in different areas, from pharmaceutical to agro-veterinary fields, from real estate to flight services. Since its foundation in 1983 Euroresearch developed technologies for biological products in wound healing area. The knowledge in wound healing, in last 25 years, grew fast because of the evolution in the treatment of delayed healing wounds. In more than 20 years experience Euroresearch developed and continues to develop high technology products to satisfy the most advanced needs in this therapeutic area.

Euroresearch is dedicated to health care and its goal is to expand its range of products and services to better meet the needs of the medical class and of patients, either in hospitals or at home, assuring the necessary resources to provide educational programs and assistance to doctors and nurses.

Advanced wound dressing
What are Euroresearch’s wound dressings?

Biopad and Biospray – also marketed as Condress, Condress Spray, Gelfix and Gelfix Spray, all these brand names identifying the same collagen pad undergoing the same manufacturing process, manufactured in the same facility and with the same identical composition and dosage – are biological dressings constituted by equine native type I collagen. The choice of horse collagen, having an identical aminoacid composition and effectiveness compared to bovine collagen, represents a technological and safety improvement with respect to existing devices for same intended use. The manufacturing process of the device, using a non-denaturant procedure in the absence of proteolytic enzymes and carried out at low temperature, and in subsequent drying and irradiation of the device, does not change the native structure of the protein and does not induce a chemical cross-linking process: the collagen thus retains its native triple helix structure, microfibrillar frame, molecular weight and sequence of polypeptide chains. Euroresearch’s wound dressings are ideal for the control of minor bleedings and for the management of any kind of ulcer and skin lesion, such as pressure sores, venous ulcers, diabetic foot, traumatic and surgical lesions.