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The natural power of honey
Type I collagen spongy pads with honey

REVAMIL is constituted by heterologous type I horse collagen, with the addition of pure honey, under form of spongy pads, lyophilized and sterile, easily adaptable to the areas of application.
Collagen acts as mechanical support and catalyst to fibroblasts migration and to the growth of granulation tissue and provides the necessary scaffold to natural derma regeneration. The honey contains a high aliquots of honey enzymes such as glucose oxidase; while initially the osmotic effect of the honey sugars protects the wound against bacteria and forms a protective layer, then sugars attract wound exudates and this mixture creates the ideal moist wound environment that facilitates the natural debridement of the wound and, combined with collagen, facilitates the granulation tissue formation. The combination collagen+honey results in a layer which helps to strengthen the antibacterial protection of the dressing, favouring the natural healing process.
For additional info please refer to the intended use reported in the instruction leaflet.