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BIOSPRAY® is an advanced medication, available in powder form with spray atomiser, made of native type I collagen extracted from horse flexor tendon, telopeptides and gelatine free, that keeps its native structure, specific to the body’s skin tissue. A peculiar proprietary extraction process minimizes all the factors of potential allergenicity of the collagen (telopeptides, denaturation, hydrolysis, etc.) and characterizes BIOSPRAY® for a particular degree of purity and as excellent haemostat and modulator of the tissue repair process. BIOSPRAY® is designed to create a favourable environment at the wound site, protecting the wounded area, controlling the micro-environment of the lesion and stopping minor bleedings, thus representing an effective and safe means for the healing of wounds. BIOSPRAY® is supplied sterile in a single package (aluminium can) of 75ml, and may be re-used until exhaustion of the product.

How does it work

The mechanism of action of BIOSPRAY® is consequent to: invasion of its structure by leukocytes and macrophages of the blood and of the tissue; digestion from the proteases of the above mentioned cells, entailing the plastic reconstruction of the injured tissues. BIOSPRAY® stimulates the development and proliferation of the granulation tissue and it actively promotes healing; its haemostatic action is exerted through its effect on platelets aggregation.

BIOSPRAY® is designed to create a favourable environment at the wound site by protecting the wounded area, and controlling minor bleedings thus representing an effective and safe mean for the healing of wounds.

Although BIOSPRAY® is not absorbed (it acts and exerts its activity locally, without involving the systemic structure of the body), it activates the cellular fibroblastic mechanism, spurring the production of endogenous collagen responsible of wound healing. Last but not least, BIOSPRAY® favours the biologic control of the pH of the tissue.

BIOSPRAY® is ideal in first-aid to control capillary haemorrhages, shortening the clotting time of flowing blood. From the medical point of view, the collagen in spray powder form is useful and easy to be handled as haemostat and healing agent being directly applied on the wounded area, forming – after the spontaneous elimination of the gaseous component used as propellant – a uniform, compact and porous layer.

What it does

BIOSPRAY® is intended for the control of minor bleedings and for the local management of minor wounds, including cicatrisation of all kind of skin lesions and accidental wounds.

BIOSPRAY® is indicated in the treatment of minor burns, skin irritations, superficial wounds and ulcers, nappy and incontinence rash, excoriations and grazes and as haemostat. It has also to be noted its anesthetizing and pain-killing effect due to the local cooling of the treated area, caused by one or repeated spouts of gaseous compound generated by the application of the sprayed powder.

BIOSPRAY® may be easily used by doctors, nurses, home care providers, unlicensed care providers and by patient himself, representing an excellent first-aid device.