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BIOPAD SILVER® is an ivory-white soft sponge, made of lyophilized type I native heterologous collagen and colloidal silver. Collagen is extracted from horse flexor tendon, gelatine free, that keeps its native structure, specific to the body’s skin tissue.  Colloidal silver preserves the integrity of the device and maintains the wound environment free from exogenous bacteria thanks to the action exerted in situ for the duration of the dressing.

BIOPAD SILVER® is supplied sterile in a single package, for one-use only, and can be available in different sizes from 1×1 cm to 10×15 cm. The standard size is 5×5 cm. BIOPAD® can be cut to wound size and easily adapted to wound size and shape.

How does it work

BIOPAD SILVER® is a Medical Device, an active dressing for use as haemostat and adjuvant in the treatment of pressure ulcers, venous ulcers and diabetic foot ulcers, chronic and traumatologic skin lesions and acute and traumatic wounds.

It ensures:

  1. balance between absorption and humidity at wound surface
  2. gaseous exchange
  3. barrier to prevent bacterial infections
  4. integrity of the device and wound environment free from exogenous bacteria and materials
  5. it is completely non-adherent.
Wath it does

Local haemostat to be used in general surgical procedures, such as vascular reconstructive surgery, vascular surgery, carotid surgery, abdominal and gynecological surgery, orthopedic and trauma surgery, dentistry and in first aid to control capillary bleeding. Indicated for treatment of skin lesions of different etiology such as chronic skin ulcers with delayed healing, venous and diabetic ulcers, pressure ulcers, to stimulate the physiological process of wound healing. The product is absorbed and dissolves over time. The lesion must be checked every 2-3 days (every 24 hours in case of particularly exuding lesions).

Despite the limited content and harmless silver is recommended, as a precautionary measure to avoid the use of the product in patients known to be hypersensitive or allergic to metals and silver in particular. Even in the absence of situations of alteration as a result of radiation treatment of patients with dressings of silver, it is advisable to remove the plaque before patients undergo magnetic resonance imaging or other tests that involve the use of radiation. The product is not-toxic.