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Type I horse collagen powder intra-articular injection

BIOART® creates the optimal conditions for the reconstitution of the collagenous matrix of the articulation and promotes consequently the viscoelasticity of the synovial fluid. It provides benefits to patients in all stages of osteoarthritis of the joints, with particular effects in patients who are actively using anti-inflammatories and regularly affected by joint pathology. It achieves its therapeutic effect through the reconstitution of the elasto-collagenous matrix of articular joints. BIOART® is indicated to relieve from pain and functional limitations, allowing a wider movement of the joints. BIOART® finds specific indication in the stimulation of the cellular fibroblastic mechanism with neo endogenous formation of collagen responsible for the development of new fibroblasts and, therefore, new tissue. For additional info please refer to the intended use reported in the instruction leaflet.